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An analysis of the percentage of unemployment among the different sections of the young population of

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the State has revealed that it is the highest among those who have completed Higher Secondary followed by Graduates and Post Graduates and the technically qualified.


The young people coming out of schools and colleges swell the number of the unemployed year after

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year. The number of registrants for jobs in the Employment Exchanges of the state has already crossed 43 lakhs. What makes the situation murkier is that there is a dearthness of hands who have acquired skills needed for a wide range of jobs in industry and the various other sectors of the economy. There is also a redundancy due to lack of skill acquisition among sections of the employed. Due to lack of attention, the common workforce and the rural populace are not provided low end skills which are now-a-days needed for better work performance at the lower levels. There is an unseemly rush of migrant labour in such areas. This situation warranted immediate intervention by the Government in the educational and social spheres. The Government responded with a comprehensive Skill Development cum Additional Skill Acquisition Project to be jointly implemented by the Departments of General Education, Higher Education, Labour (Employment and Training) and Local Self Government.